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Approve or Send Back a Selection (New Hire)

This article explains the process of approving or sending  If you are an administrator who is assigned to approve a selection at the end of a search, follow the instructions below to approve or send back the position.

Approving a selection:

Click "Review Position"

If you are assigned to approve selections, you will get an email like the one below notifying you that a position (selection) requires your approval.

Clicking "Review Position" opens the selection approval page that displays the current step, who the step is assigned to, and instructions for the approval:

Scroll down to the tabbed section of the page. The "Selected Applicant" tab displays the selected applicant's information and application materials:

The "All Applicants" tab displays all applications for the position:

The "Position Details" tab displays basic position information:

Click to send the position back or to approve the position

You can personalize the email that will be sent alerting approver(s) at the next step in the workflow that a selection requires approval

If the position is at the final step in the approval process, click "Close" to approve and close the position


Sending back a position:

If a selection is not approved, click to send the position back to an earlier step.

Note: With POSITION approval, you can send your position back to a previous step in the workflow and when it's resolved, it will return to the step that sent it back.

For SELECTION approval, when you send your position to a previous step in the workflow, it will need to go through all the steps in the built out workflow.

For example, if your selection was sent from step 3 of the process to step 1, the selection will have to go back through steps 1, 2, and 3.


Click "Send Back"

Indicate the step you are sending the position to and personalize the message that will alert approvers at that step

Approvers at that step will receive an email indicating that a position requires their attention