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Submit a New Position for Approval

If your organization requires approval for posting new positions, you will be prompted to submit new positions for approval as the final step in creating a position.

Organizations can also set up position approval workflows to accomodate requirements for more than one step in the position approval process.

The administrator(s) who are designated to approve new positions will be notified that you have submitted a position for approval, and can either approve the position and send it forward to the next step in the approval process, or send it back for changes.

If changes are required, you will be notified of the necessary changes and can resubmit the position once the required changes have been made. This article explains more about the process of approving positions.

You will first need to create a new position

See here for detailed instructions on how to create a position.

After creating the position, if approval is required, you will be asked to submit the position for approval

The approver(s) displayed will receive a message asking them to review the position

You can personalize the message that will go out to the designated approver and click send to submit the position to the first step in the position approval process.


Some organizations will only have one step in the position approval process, but others may have multiple steps.

When you open the position from the positions list, you will see a notice that the position is in the approval process

Notice that the current step and the approver who is currently reviewing the position will appear listed.

You can continue to make updates to the position while awaiting approval by clicking the the "Position Actions" menu.

You will receive an email once the position is approved by all approvers