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View Referral Sources for a Position

Administrative users can get an idea of where people are finding a position by viewing a graph of the top websites sending visitors to the landing page of a position.


Note that the number of visitors will be larger than the number of applicants to the position because more people will view the posting than will apply for a position.


View Referral Sources for a Position

Landing Page Analytics

There is now a tool that shows a simple pie chart illustrating how potential applicants are accessing a position’s Apply Now page. By Viewing Referral Sources for a Position administrators can learn whether the recruitment dollars are paying off—why pay to post someplace that no one goes? If not getting the applicant pool expected for whatever reason (not diverse enough, not competitive enough), check out the landing page analytics for which job boards are getting applicants and switch tactics, if necessary.


Note that (direct) means that the viewer clicked directly on the Position URL provided from Interfolio. The Position URL can be found on Interfolio's Open Positions page in Dossier.


The data in these charts directly reflects how the data is coming in from an outside source (such as Google Analytics). If duplicate sources appear, this is because the outside source distinguishes between desktop, mobile, and tablet usage.

  1. Click Positions on the navigation bar.
    Positions selected under Faculty search
  2. Click the hyperlinked Name of the desired position.
  3. Select View Referral Source from the Position Actions dropdown in the upper right-hand corner.
    View Referral Sources selected from the Position Actions dropdown
  4. The top referring websites are represented in a color coded circle graph. Click a section of the graph to see the percentage of visitors sent to the position by the source.