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Establish Custom Ratings Criteria and/or a Blind Review

If permissions allow, Committee Managers can set custom evaluation criteria for rating applicants on a five-star scale. It is also possible to set up a blind review in which Evaluators will not see the comments and ratings left by others. Custom ratings criteria and/or a blind review can be set during the process of creating a position, or when editing a position. This article explains how to add criteria and set a blind review when editing a position.


1. Navigate to the desired position title under Positions

  1. Navigate to Positions on the navigation menu. 
     Faculty Search section with Positions highlighted
  2. Find and click the desired position title to open the list of applicants for that position.

2. Edit the Evaluation Settings for the desired position

  1. Click the Position Actions button at the top of the screen.
  2. Click Edit Positions from the dropdown list.
     Position Actions dropdown with Edit Position highlighted
  3. Click Evaluation Settings on the right side.
    Edit Position... section with 3. Evaluation Settings highlighted and underlined

3. Manage the Evaluation Settings

  1. Click the Add Criterion button to add a custom criterion to the list.
  2. Click the “X” adjacent to the desired criterion to delete it.
  3. Check the Blind Review box that says Evaluators should not see others' comments and ratings if you don't want Evaluators to see comments and ratings entered by their fellow committee members.

If evaluators comment during a blind review, and the blind review setting is turned off, then evaluators associated with the search will be able to see summary information but not specific results. If users with the proper permissions want to see ratings by the evaluator that they will need to run an applications report.