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Establish Custom Ratings Criteria and/or a Blind Review

If the institution allows, Administrators and Committee Managers can set up custom evaluation criteria can be established for rating applicants on a 5-star scale. This allows Evaluators to rate and compare applicants on criteria such as scholarship, teaching, research, publishing, or whatever criteria they add. Interfolio will calculate the average score of an applicant by both category and overall rating. It is also possible to set up a Blind Review in which Evaluators will not see the comments and ratings left by others. Custom rating criteria and/or a blind review can be set during the process of creating a position, or when editing a position. This article explains how to add criteria and set a blind review when editing a position.


Establish Custom Ratings Criteria and/or a Blind Review

  1. Navigate to Positions on the navigation menu. 
  2. Find and click the hyperlinked Name of the desired position title to open the list of applicants for that position.
  3.  Select Edit Position from the Position Actions dropdown at the top of the screen.
  4. Click Evaluation Settings on the right side.

    In order for evaluators to assign a 1-5 star rating for any applicant, at least one criterion must be created for that position. Without any criteria, ratings cannot be assigned.

  5. Once on the Evalution Settings page, click the Add Criterion button to add a custom criterion to the list.
  6. Click the “X” adjacent to the desired criterion to delete it.

    A criteria can only be deleted from a position once every rating has been cleared by each evaluator.



Turn on/off blind review

If blind review is turned on, evaluators will only see their own ratings and comments. If blind review is turned off, evaluators will also see the average committee rating under Committee Summary and comments from other evaluators


Once on the Evaluation Settings page, check the Blind Review box that says Evaluators should not see others' comments and ratings if it is not desired to have Evaluators see comments and ratings entered by their fellow committee members. 

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