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Rate Applicants

If an institution or department allows it, Evaluators can rate applicants on a simple 5-star scale. Ratings can be assigned and viewed from the Applicant Profile page or from within the Document Reader.


Depending on the settings established by the institution, Evaluators may or may not be able to see the ratings of other Evaluators.


Zero star ratings cannot be assigned.


Rate Applicants

Navigation: Positions > desired position > desired applicant > Ratings

  1. Click Positions under Faculty Search on the navigation bar.
    Positions selected under Faculty Search
  1. Click the hyperlinked Name of the desired position.
  2. Click the hyperlinked Name of the desired applicant.

    If enabled, Evaluators will see an average of the ratings they have given the applicant to the right of the page.

  3. Rate applicants. Select the tabs below to view more information on how to rate applicants from different areas in Faculty Search.

    Positions Page

    Scroll down to the Ratings section and mouse over the Stars to rate the applicant.
    Ratings section with Stars adjacent to each rating section. A column shows "My Ratings" and another column shows the "Committee Summary" ratings

    If the search has been set up as blind review, evaluators will only see their own ratings. If the permission is turned on at your institution, evaluators will also see the average committee rating under Committee Summary.


    Document Reader

    Navigation: checkboxes > Read > Arrow > Ratings

    i. Click the checkboxes adjacent to the names of the desired applicants.

    ii. Click the Read button that displays on the toolbar that appears above.
    Read selected adjacent to the Email button

    iii. Click the Arrow at the top of the left-hand side of the page to load the application for each of the selected applicants.
    Arrow selected adjacent to 1 of 2 applicants

    iv. Click Ratings at the top of the page
    Ratings selected in between tags and download

    v. Select the Star ratings for each category.

    vi. Click the “X” when finished.