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Read and Evaluate Applications Using the Document Reader

Faculty Search users can read and annotate application materials using our built-in reader.

Materials from multiple applicants can be loaded into the viewer, allowing users to scroll through and evaluate applications without leaving the browser window.

Users can also make annotations on application materials, download the annotations they make, and if enabled, can leave comments, add labels, and rate applicants from the reader.


The instructions below are for accessing the reader from the Applications page of a position. Accessing the reader from here allows evaluators to load multiple applications into the reader at once. Note that evaluators can also access the reader from the profile page of an individual applicant and read one application at a time.



  1. Select applications to review

  2. Select Read to load selected applications into the document reader

    The buttons that display here are determined by your level of permissions in the program.


All selected applications will be loaded into the reader for you to review one at a time

If enabled, users can leave comments, tags, and ratings, and download applications from the top right of the reader



Viewing Materials:

All materials of the currently displayed application will appear bookmarked in the left hand column of the reader

Click the name of a document to display it in the viewer.


Videos will also display in the reader

Links to Webpages appear in the reader but open the webpage in a new browser tab


Navigating in the Document Reader:

Use the arrows at the top of the reader to move between applications when multiple applicants are selected

Use the controls at the bottom of the reader for navigation of the currently displayed application:

Toggle on or off the header bar of the reader for distraction free viewing of materials

Zoom in or out of the document

Page forward or backward in the displayed application


Annotating documents:

Annotations are private, personal notes about an application, and are only viewable by the committee member who added the note. See here for more information on making annotations on application documents.


Annotations are added and managed from the lower right corner of the reader

Click the "note" icon to leave an annotation on the currently displayed document

Click the "view" icon to toggle on or off the display of annotations

You can quickly view all of the annotations added to a document from the "Annotations" tab in the document reader

Click the annotation in the list to find it in the application.


Note that you can export and download annotations by clicking the export icon

Annotations are exported to a PDF file that you can save, download and print.