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Manage an Applicant Pool

The list of applicants for a position is often quite long, but we provide you with tools that will help you organize your work by allowing you to customize how the list or applicants is sorted and what information is displayed. You can also save and recall your searches and customized views of the list so you can save your work and return to it later.

This article explains the tools we provide to help you sort, organize and manage the applications for your position.

Access the list of applicants for a position:

1. Select "Positions"link on the navigation bar

2. Click the position title to open the list of applications for that position

You will see the list of applicants for your position listed in a table. The position title and open and close dates appears at the top left of the page, the position status to the top right, as shown below.

3. Select one or more applicants in the list

Check the "Applicant Name" box at the top of the table to select all applicants in the list, or check the box next to the applicant(s) you want to review.

4. Selecting a name or names from the list opens a new set of buttons on the page as shown below

The buttons that display here are determined by your role in the program, and your display may show different buttons than the ones below.

You can read, annotate, and download the selected applications


Searching the list of applicants and saving searches:

1. Enter a keyword in the box to search the list

2. The results display and the search term appears above the list

3. Click "Save" to save and name the view of the list filtered according to your search results

4. Enter a name for your view and click the check to save it

5. Click "Saved Views" to the right of the page to recall the saved view of the list


Filter the list of applicants and save and recall your view:

1. Click the "Filter" button at the top of the list to open a set of options for filtering the list

You can filter the list of applications by data points including highest degree earned, application status, labels, ratings, or completion status.

If applicants have filled out forms, you can also filter by responses to application forms!

See here for more information on how to filter by form response.

2. The list will be filtered according to your settings and the filters will appear above the list

Note that you can easily remove the filters you add either one at a time, or by hitting the button labeled "Clear Filters."

3. Click "Save" to name and save the filtered view of the applicant list

4. Enter a name and click the check mark to save the view

5. Click "Saved Views" (to the right of the page) to recall the view of the list using the filters you have set


Filter by form responses

Users can filter and group applicants according to responses to form questions.

1. Click "Filter" to open a set of options for filtering the list

2. Select "Filter by Form Responses"

The Filter by Form Responses button opens a window where you can select the form, question, and response to use to filter the list.

3. Select the form from the dropdown list

4. Select the question from the dropdown list

5. Select the response from the dropdown list

6. Click to "Add" the response

7. Click "Done" to activate the filter

Note that you can add multiple form responses with which to filter the list. For instance, in the example below the list will be filtered to include individuals who identified themselves as specialists in Greek and Roman art, who answered "no" to a question about being a current employee, are who found the job through the institution's website.

8. The list of applicants will be filtered to include only the users who answered with the form responses you set


Tagging applications:

Tags are bits of text you can use to help identify, sort, and mark applications. If your institution allows it, you can add and create tags to attach to an application.

With one or more applicants selected in the list, click the "Tag" button and either select or create a tag

You can also click the "Add" icon to add a label to an application.


Customizing the columns of information that display on your view of the applicant list:

You can configure which columns the applicant list will display.

Click the "Columns" button to the right of the page and select the columns of information you want to display

The default columns that will display are applicant name, date updated, tags, and overall average rating (if enabled). You can add columns for complete status, date submitted, highes degree earned and highest degree date, and your overall ratings.  Note that you can restore the default columns at any time.

You can also add answers to custom form questions as column headers in the display.


Setting the pagination of the applicant list:

By default the list displays 25 applications at a time, but you can set the pagination to display 50, 100, 200, or all applications. Look to the bottom left of the page to set the number of applicants displayed at one time.


Saving searches and views of the list:

Remember that changes you make to the filters, columns, searches, and pagination will be remembered during your session. To save the searches and filtered views of the list, click the "Save" button and give the view a name.