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View Log of Communication with a Faculty Member

In addition to the Message Logs that record all communications sent from the program, users are provided with an easily accessible and searchable record of all communication sent to an individual faculty member. These logs are accessed via the Activity menu on a faculty member's profile page.


View Log of Communication with a Faculty Member

1. Navigate to View Message Logs under Faculty

Navigation: Faculty > desired Faculty Name > Actions > View Message Logs

  1. Click Faculty on the navigation menu.
    Faculties selected under Lifecycle Management
  2. Click the Faculty Member name to open their profile. 
  3. Select View Message Logs under the Actions dropdown.
    View Message Logs selected from the Actions dropdown

2. View Messages

The log displays a searchable list of messages sent to the faculty member including the date and message subject. The list of messages can be filtered in the log by a date or date range, or by entering keywords to search for messages. The log can also be sorted by date, recipient last name (alphabetical), sender name, and delivery status.


Click the message to open a side panel with more detailed information including the message text. The message will open in a drawer to the right of the page displaying the date, sender, subject, and text of the message.



If the value is "The recipient has unsubscribed," what have they unsubscribed from and how does it get fixed? Can the Administrator fix it or do they have to email Scholar Services?

This happens if the recipient selects the option in Interfolio's emails. This would unsubscribe them from all Interfolio-generated email. This would have to be managed in the same manner as if this happened in the other modules.

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