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Add an Individual Reviewer as a Step in the Workflow of a Case

Administrators can assign an individual Interfolio user to a workflow step, just as you would a committee.

When creating or editing the steps for a template or case, you will be asked who will be reviewing the case at this step. You can choose between:

  • Standing committee (choose from a dropdown list)
  • Ad-hoc committee (construct as you do today)
  • Individual user (choose from a dropdown list of all Promotion & Tenure users eligible to access this case at your institution)

Functionally, this is the equivalent of creating an ad-hoc committee of one person at that step, where that person is a Committee Manager in terms of their user permissions.

Note: Users added as an individual in a workflow step will not see themselves described within the product as a Committee Manager for that step.

Any number of separate individuals can be added to a workflow step, and you can freely add a mixture of both committees and individuals to a workflow step.

This article explains how to add an individual reviewer when editing a case, but the process is the same when adding committees while creating a case.

Navigate to the case you want to edit by clicking on the name of the candidate in the list of cases

Click "Case Options" and select "Edit Case"

Select "Case Review Steps" from the "Creating a Case" menu to the right of the page

Find the step you want to edit and click the edit pencil to the right of the page

Click "Add Committee"

Select to add an individual user


An individual user can review the case, but will not be able to collaborate with others in the program. To allow multiple members to review together, create a standing or ad-hoc committee.

Search for the individual user you want to add by typing in their name


Note that you can only add Promotion & Tenure users who have already been added to the program.

Make your selection and click "Add"

Set whether or not the individual can move the case forward or backward


If checked, the individual reviewer can move the case forward or backward in the workflow of case review steps.