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Add an Individual Reviewer as a Step in the Workflow of a Case

Unit Administrators and Case Managers can assign an individual Interfolio user to a workflow step. When creating or editing the steps for a template or case,  a Standing Committee, Ad-Hoc Committee, or Individual User can be selected to review the case at this step. Functionally, this is the equivalent of creating an Ad-Hoc Committee of one person at that step, where that person is a Committee Manager in terms of their user permissions. This article explains how to add an individual reviewer when editing a case.


Note that users added as an individual in a workflow step will not see themselves described within the product as a Committee Manager for that step. Any number of separate individuals can be added to a workflow step, along with a mixture of both committees and individuals to a workflow step.


Check out this article on how to add committees while creating a case as this is a very similar process.


Add Individual Reviewer

1. Navigate to Edit Case under Cases

Navigation: Cases > Name > Edit Case

  1. Click Cases under Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) on the navigation menu.
    Review, Promotion & Tenure with Cases highlighted
  2. Click the Name of the case to be edited.
  3. Select Edit Case from the Case Options dropdown in the upper right-hand corner.
    Case options dropdown with Edit Case selected

2. Edit the desired Case Review Step

  1. Click Case Review Steps under the Creating a Case section on the right-hand side.
    Creating a Case section with Case Review Steps selected
  2. Click Edit adjacent to the case review step that needs to be modified.

Add Committee

  1. Click the Add Committee button adjacent to the Reviewers section.
  2. Select the desired committee type to review the case at this step (Standing Committee, Ad Hoc Committee, or Individual User)

    An individual user can review the case, but will not be able to collaborate with others in the program. To allow multiple members to review together, create a standing or ad-hoc committee.

  3. Select or search for the committee name.

    Note that only RPT users who have already been added to the program can be selected.

  4. Click Add when finished.