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Edit Committee Details

Committees are created and added to a workflow step when creating a case, but Administrators can also edit the membership, instructions and document requirements of a committee when editing case review steps.

Navigate to the case you want to edit by clicking on the name of the candidate in the list of cases

Select "Edit Case" from the Case Options menu in the top right corner of the case page

This will open a case summary page where you can edit the case. Select "Case Review Steps" from the menu to the right

You will see the list of current case review steps for the case:

Find the case review step you want to edit and click "Edit"

Scroll to the committee you want to edit

From here you can manage committee membership, add or edit instructions for the committee, add required documents and forms, and manage the settings for the committee.

Edit Committee Details

Rename Committee

The committee can be renamed by clicking Options and selecting Edit Name.

Simply type in a new name for the committee and click to Update.

Managing Members

Open the Manage Members tab to make changes to the membership of the committee.


Note that changes made to the membership of standing committee are temporary unless made from the "User & Group Management" page.

Click "Add Members" to add members to the committee

Once added, click the star to make a member a manager of the committee

Members who are available as managers will appear with a star next to their name.

Click the X to remove a member


Note that changes made to the membership of a standing committee will be marked as Temporary, because permanent changes to standing committees must be made from Users & Groups.


Add/edit Instructions

To add or edit instructions for the committee, open the Instructions tab and click Edit Instructions to enter text.


Add Required Documents

To add required documents, open the Required Documents tab and click Add Required Document

Type in the requirement name and description and click Add.

Note that you can add multiple document requirements.


Add Required Forms

Open the Required Forms tab and click Add Required Form to add a committee form that must be completed as part fo the committee's work. Note that all forms added here will then have to be either answered or bypassed by an administrator to move the case from the step you are editing.

Settings: allow committee to move case

Open the Settings tab and check whether or not the committee can move the case forward or backward.