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Delete/Remove a Committee from a Case Review Step

Unit Administrators and Case Managers can delete or remove committees from a case review step by editing the case review step to which the committee is assigned.


Delete a Committee from Case Review Step

1. Navigate to Edit Case under Cases

Navigation: Cases > Name > Edit Case

  1. Click Cases under Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) on the navigation menu.
    Review, Promotion & Tenure section with Cases highlighted
  2. Click the Name of the desired case to edit.
  3. Select Edit Case from the Case Options dropdown menu.
    Case Options dropdown menu with Edit Case selected

2. Edit the desired Case Review Step

  1. Click Case Review Steps under the Creating a Case section on the right-hand side.
    Creating a Case section with Case Review Steps selected
  2. Click Edit adjacent to the case review step that needs to be modified.
  3. Click Delete to remove the committee from the step.

Note that a primary committee cannot be removed from a step if there is only one primary committee. Another primary committee must be added or named if the committee desired to be deleted is the only primary committee.