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Move a Case Forward or Backward

Once a case has been advanced to the first step in the workflow, a Unit Administrator, Case Manager, or Committee Manager can move the case forward or backward to another review step. When a case is moved, the Unit Administrator, Case Manager, or Committee Manager can send an optional email message to members of the committee gaining access to the case with the move. When creating or editing a template or case, Unit Administrators, Template Administrators, or Case Managers can designate which committees are allowed to move a case forward in the workflow.


Each step must be assigned a committee, or the case will not be able to move forward. If any committee at a given workflow step has committee document or form requirements, they must all be satisfied before the case can be moved forward to the next step.


Move Individual Case Forward to Next Workflow Step

1. Navigate to the case checkboxes under Cases

Navigation: Cases > Checkbox

  1. Navigate to Cases on the navigation menu. 
     Review, Promotion & Tenure section with Cases highlighted
  2. Select the checkbox adjacent to the desired candidate name.

    To move multiple cases forwards or backward, select the cases from the list by clicking the checkbox next to each.


2. Send Case Forward or Backward.

  1. Click Send Forward or Send Backward.
    Send Forward button selected in between send backward and close cases

    Note that cases can only be sent backward if they are past the first step of their workflow. 


    Cases can not be sent back to the Case candidate step.

  2. Select whether a message will be sent to the reviewers gaining access.
    • If sending a message enter the Subject and Message in the required fields.
    • Click Preview to see how the message will appear in the inbox of committee members

      Regardless of whether a message is sent or not, when a committee member gains access to a case, a task for that case will display on their homepage.

  3. Click Send when finished.
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