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Create an EEO Form

Administrators in Faculty Search (FS) can create custom EEO forms. Administrators can set the program to require the EEO form for all new positions, and designate a form as the default for all new positions created. FS also provides Institutional Administrators with a standard, VEVRAA/503-compliant EEO form, available from the Administration page. The form can be used as-is or cloned and edited.


Create EEO Form

1. Navigate to EEO Information under Administration

Navigation: Administration > EEO Information

  1. Click Administration on the navigation bar.
    Administration selected under Faculty Search
  2. Ensure the desired unit is selected under Settings for: at the top of the page.
    Settings for section with dropdown shown
  3. Select the EEO Information tab.
    EEO Information selected on navigation menu

    If editing of the EEO statement is disabled by a higher unit, a notice will appear saying Current EEO Statement set by [a higher unit].


2. Add EEO Form

  1. Click Add adjacent to the EEO Forms section.
    EEI Forms section with Add button selected to the right
  2. Enter Form Title in the field provided.
  3. Click Save when finished.
  4. Enter the Form Description on the Edit Form window.
  5. Click the checkbox adjacent to This EEO form should be required by all new positions to indicate that the form should be required.

3. Add Questions

  1. Click the Add Question button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter the Question Title and Help Information, select the Question Type, and indicate if this question is Required.
  3. Click Save when finished.
  4. Repeat this process for as many questions as desired for the form.
    -  Once the questions are added, drag and drop them to change the order in which they appear and also add formatting to customize how the form displays.
    -  To add elements to the form, click the down arrow to the right of Add Question at the bottom left of the page. 

    For more complex forms, it is recommended to include a section divider (a simple horizontal line that can visually break up the form), a section Heading (a large-text label that can be placed atop a discrete section of the form), and a section description (contextual text that can be tucked underneath a heading and above the actual questions).

    Add Question down arrow selected with dropdown shown with Add Section Divider, Add Section Heading, and Add Section Description available
  5. Click Show Applicant Preview at the bottom of the page to preview how the form will appear to applicants.
  6. Click Done when finished.

If your institution needs to make updates to an EEO form, we recommend that you create a new EEO form to replace the existing one, rather than making edits to your current form.


If you edit the current form, previously submitted responses will no longer be available via the EEO reporting system, instead, they will only be available through running an Applications report. The current expected behavior is that once a position is created with an EEO statement, that statement will not dynamically update based on changes made to the EEO Statement.


Check out this article on how to Create a Custom Application Form for details about available question types.

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