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Faculty Activity Reporting Release Notes 2022.09.13

This article records the most recent product changes.

Fixed - Generate/view a vita now works as expected when 'Advising Load' section is shown on the vita template: 

Fixed issue happening when users attempted to generate a vita using a template that included the Advising Load section, the vita would not generate successfully. When an F180 user with existing institutional/personal templates with an ‘Advising Load’ section would go to Vitas & Biosketches > Vitas and click View/Create for a vita using a template with the ‘Advising Load’ section, no vita was generated; vita was blank and an error displayed. The vita is now successfully generated as expected.

Added - Rich text editors can be used in all sections:

When generating a vita via the api, the api response for the data will now decode rich text received from Faculty180 Apis. Rich text editors can now be used in: 

  • Faculty classifications
    • Large text type
  • Grants
    • Abstract & Description
  • Scholarly Activities
    • Title & Description
  • Custom Sections
    • Rich text
  • Activity Classifications
    • Large text type
  • Biography
    • Biography