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Faculty Search Release Notes - 2021.09.29

Improved: Opening a Faculty Search position with a selection approval template no longer requires admins to send a position back to step 1:

Previously: In Faculty Search, when a position that had a selection approval template was closed, there was no option to reopen it in the position actions dropdown. The option to Open position only appeared in the dropdown under the Position Actions button after sending the position back through the process to step 1.

Now: When trying to reopen a position that has been closed (on the last workflow step for selection approval) through a selection approval process, the Open position option is available under position actions and once clicking on "Open position," the position is reopened and is on the same evaluation step.

Note: This will bypass the previous workflow when opening and automatically be back at step 0.

Improved: Improved performance of reports module with backend changes:

We resolved performance issues on the reports pages in Faculty Search. A user in Faculty Search viewing the reports page will see no visual or functional changes, but the page has improved performance.

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