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View Report of Emails and Notifications Sent

Administrators can view sent emails and notification messages in Faculty Search (FS) from the Logs tab of the Reports page.


Account welcome emails sent to other users or to applicants for whom a new Dossier account was created when applying for a position through FS cannot be viewed.


View Report/Log of Emails and Notifications Sent

  1. Select Reports from the navigation bar.
    Reports selected on the navigation bar
  2. Select the Logs tab on the Reports page.Logs selected under the Reports section adjacent to the Form Report tab
  3. Select Messages Sent from the System Logs dropdown.

    The Messages Sent log displays all outbound communication sent while running an FS position.

    Messages sent selected under the System Logs dropdown
  4. Select the checkbox(es) adjacent to the desired position(s).
  5. Click View Report at the bottom of the page when finished to view emails.
  6. Click Download CSV at the bottom of the page when finished to save a spreadsheet of the results.
    View Report button selected at the bottom of the page below the 1. Select Position(s) section adjacent to the Download (CSV) button


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