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View the Positions Activity Log

Interfolio Faculty Search (FS) keeps an automatic log of the user actions and events that take place around each position in the program on the position activity log. The position activity log for any given position is visible only to users with administrator rights over that position (Administrators and Committee Managers). It is separate from the existing system logs under Reports. These logs provide a clear record of when certain changes were made and by whom. Follow the instructions below to view the positions activity log


Positions Activity Log


1. Navigate to the desired position name under Positions

Navigation: Positions > desired Position

  1. Click Positions on the navigation bar.
    Positions selected under Faculty search
  2. Click the hyperlinked Name of the desired position.

2. View Position Activity Log

  1. Select View Position Activity Log under the Positions Actions dropdown.
    View Position Activity Log under the Position Actions dropdown
  2. A history of all actions and events will display. This list of events can be searched and sorted by date or event.

    A link to View Message will appear under the Actions column if a message is present.


    Currently, position activity log data is just for the individual position and not available in aggregate (such as through Reports).



Event Details
Position Status Change Text: [First Name] [Last Name] [(E-mail address)] updated the position status from [Old Status Value] to [New Status Value].
Committee Additions (only ad-hoc additions here) Text: user_name (user_email) added user_name (user_email) as a committee member for this position.
Committee Removals Text: user_name (user_email) removed user_name (user_email) as a committee member for this position.
Position Workflow step changes when the position is sent forward (approved) or backward (rejected) Text: approver_name (approver_email) moved the position from Step X of Y: step-name to Step Z of Y: step-name.
Position Published Text: If a user published: user_name (user_email) published the position. If Interfolio auto-published, we should say: Interfolio automatically published the position.
Position Open Date Text: This position is open and accepting new applications.
Position Close Date Text: The close date for this position has passed, and the position is no longer accepting new applications.
The Act of Closing a Position (This is for both positions that have a selection approval template and those that do not.)
Message for No Selection <User name> (email) closed this position. No applicant was selected.
Message When Applicant is Selected <User name> (email) closed this position. Applicant(s) selected to fill this position: <applicant name(s)>
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