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Overview of New AACSB Accreditation Reporting by Request

For business schools using Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180) to prepare for their AACSB accreditation, an improved reporting option will be offered starting June 2021.

  • In 2020, AACSB introduced a new standard and formatting requirements for the accreditation reports to be submitted in support of accreditation initiatives for business colleges and schools. Interfolio has good news for any colleges or schools of business accredited by AACSB that use the Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting module to collect activity and profile data about their faculty members.
  • Starting in June 2021, Interfolio will be able to produce complete, accurate, high-quality reports to fulfill AACSB tables 2017 2-1, 2-2, 15-1, and 15-2 and 2020 3-1, 3-2, and 8-1 to support accreditation.
  • To support this, Interfolio partners will make a request through our support and services teams to generate those reports at no additional cost. These new reports, among the first to leverage our next-generation business intelligence and reporting tool, will yield a superior AACSB report output to the ones currently available directly through the Faculty Activity Reporting module.
  • This reporting-as-a-service method of AACSB report creation is only an interim step, while building, integrating and rolling out the next generation of Interfolio accreditation reports from within the Faculty Activity Reporting module.

Check out our video demonstration of the new process for AACSB reporting.


Benefits to business schools

For business schools using Interfolio, the new AACSB accreditation reporting method will offer a variety of improvements in comparison to the legacy in-product reporting option:

  • Greater data accuracy
  • Better-looking visualizations
  • Pivot tables and .csv files for the required AACSB data points as well as the underlying data
  • Access to the 2020 3.1, 3.2, and 8.1 tables

How to obtain AACSB report with the new method

The new AACSB reporting-on-request method will be available to administrators with appropriate access to business school faculty activity data at institutions using Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting. When the time comes for to generate a report for AACSB accreditation, use a new Request Report button beside the corresponding report on the Reports page. This will navigate to a simple Help Video walkthrough of all the steps. Those steps are:

  1. Complete pre-work and data verification in Interfolio FAR.
    • Verify that all the relevant data in the system is in the system and has been properly audited by the appropriate individuals at the institution
    • Compile the necessary report filters for the reporting time frame
  2. Submit a ticket to us with the necessary information. We will:
    • Confirm that we received it
    • Prepare the report and send it to you
    • [If needed] Schedule a consultation meeting with you to go over the report
  3. Join us for a consultation meeting (if necessary). In this meeting, we will:
    • Talk through the report and confirm that it matches what you would expect
    • Discuss any modifications desired to make in format or scope, and agree upon whether/when those can be accomplished
    • If any modifications are needed, we will continue to work with you on the necessary iterations of the report
    • Hand over the report to you when ready for submission
  4. Submit the completed report to AACSB as normal during your accreditation review.

Check out our AACSB Overview video in the help center for more information.


Joint statement of format acceptability from AACSB concerning Interfolio’s current accreditation reporting

  • When going through AACSB Initial Accreditation or AACSB Continuous Improvement Review (CIR), member institutions are required to provide sufficient documentation of faculty qualifications, intellectual contributions, and certain other academic professional information, as specified in AACSB’s Standards page.
  • As of May 2021, AACSB has reviewed and approved the current Interfolio method for collecting and representing the faculty information to be shown in certain standard reports for AACSB reviews, such as the 2013 Tables 2.1, 2.2, 15.1, and 15.2 and the 2020 Tables 3.1, 3.2, and 8.1, among potentially others.
  • Therefore, when fulfilling the Initial Self-Evaluation Report (iSER), Self-Evaluation Report (SER), or furnishing information during a visit, AACSB currently feels it is acceptable for member institutions to supply reports generated via Interfolio, as an alternative format to the Microsoft Word template provided by AACSB.
  • It is encouraged that member institutions choose the reporting format most conducive to accurate and complete documentation of faculty information pertinent to their AACSB accreditation review.

About Interfolio’s future direction for accreditation reporting

  • The need to accurately, successfully, and positively represent the qualifications of the faculty members and the total impact of their ongoing work is a widely shared reason that so many leading universities use Interfolio FAR.
  • While the 2021 reporting by request described here is our current recommended method for the best AACSB accreditation report results, we absolutely have further plans to bring this superior reporting output.
  • Currently projected for release in 2022, we are planning to develop a new self-service reporting feature set within the Interfolio platform will allow the production of reports that meet the common needs of AACSB accreditation reporting, including:
    • Capturing and displaying all data fields required by AACSB
    • Formatting data clearly and appropriately for AACSB review
    • Easily verifying and correcting data shown in the report
  • As we have more news about progress on the future of accreditation reporting through Interfolio, we will announce those product plans and make them available to all institutions using Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting.

Getting support

As with the rest of Interfolio’s technology, any user can seek support from Interfolio Scholar Services. Email us at or call us at (877) 997-8807, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US).


The information contained here is intended to be used for information purposes only, and not as a binding commitment. The development, release and timing of any products, features, or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Interfolio and may change.