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Add a New Administrative Unit

Administrators can easily recreate an institution's hierarchy within Interfolio Promotion & Tenure. The program allows Administrators to create a parent organizational unit and then add lower level organizational units below it. Administrators can add a unit at any point in the organizational hierarchy. This article explains how to add a unit, such as a college, school, or department, to Interfolio Promotion & Tenure.


Administrators can set up Interfolio RPT to exactly reflect the real-life organizational hierarchy of their institution by creating organizational units and adding lower organizational units beneath them. For example, a university might be the highest organizational unit, and that unit would in turn contain as many lower units as necessary, such as a colleges, schools, individual departments, divisions within departments, etc. Any structure is possible and can be easily created from within the program.

Select "Users and Groups" under the Review, Promotion & Tenure section of the left hand navigation menu

Click the "Units" tab

Click "Add Unit" to add an organizational unit such as a college or department

Enter the unit name, select a parent unit from the dropdown list, and click to save

Here we have added the Department of French to the School of Arts and Sciences at Demo University.

The unit will now appear in the nested list

Note: You may have to click the arrow icon to the left of the parent unit name in order to view a nested unit.

Following the instructions above, you can add an organizational unit at any point in the hierarchy

In the example below, the unit of French History and Culture is added beneath the Department of French we created in Step 4.