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Edit or Delete an Existing Administrative Unit

This article provides instructions on how to update the name and parent unit of a unit in Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure.

Log in to Interfolio and navigate to your institutional account


You may need to open the account switcher in the right hand user menu and select to switch to your institutional account.

Select "Users and Groups" under the Review, Promotion & Tenure section of the left hand navigation menu

Click the "Units" tab

Click the pencil icon next to the unit you want to edit

Note: You may have to click the arrows to the left of the unit name in order to access a nested unit.

Update the unit name, and if needed, select a new parent from the drop down list, then click "Update"

To delete a unit, click the "Delete" icon and confirm your decision

Note: You are only presented with the option to delete units that are not in use.