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Best Practices for Deleting Users, Units, Forms & Committees

The following article outlines best practices for users doing testing in a production environment. The article mainly addresses concerns around deleting data, and what can and cannot, or should not, be deleted, and make notes of sticking points around deleting certain types of data when testing in a production environment.

Warning: Users should use caution when testing in a production environment.  We have a sandbox environment set up specifically for testing. Our sandbox is a shared environment for all clients. Please follow up with your Project Manager to access the sandbox environment.

Deleting Units

  • Units cannot be deleted if there is data associated with the unit such as forms, committees, and cases.
  • Units can't be deleted if there is a case under the unit, even if that case has been deleted.
  • Units can't be deleted if there are subunits created under the unit.
  • If you have trouble deleting a unit, check for any cases (active or closed) that may exist in the unit, and check for any subunits that may have been created under the unit.

Deleting Forms

Users can delete forms with caution.

Things to remember:

  • Removing a case data or candidate form from the Administration section means it will no longer be available to add to cases, but will remain available as part of the cases to which it has already been added.
  • Deleting a case data or candidate form means you will lose access to that data from the forms report, however this data is retained in the case information report.
  • When deleting a committee form you will retain access to the data in the forms report.

Deleting Committees

  • You will not want to delete committees because they are dynamic and deleting a committee will remove that committee wherever it appears in the system.
  • Committees cannot be deleted if they are on a case - even if that case is deleted. As with units mentioned above, this is because we "soft-delete" cases in the event we may need to recover that data for clients. Therefore, if a committee is attached to a case that has been deleted, it will be problematic to remove that committee.