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Committee Member's Guide to Interfolio RPT

When added to a committee at an institution that uses Interfolio Review, Promotion, & Tenure (RPT), easy and secure participation in the case review process is possible online. A Unit Administrator or Case Manager at the institution conducting the review will manage the case and candidate packet. An email will be received when the case is available for the committee to begin review. Once the free account is activated and logged into, case access will be given to anyone added as a committee member.


A notification will be sent to the user added to RPT.


Access Assigned Cases

Navigation: Cases > Name

  1. Click Cases under Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) on the navigation menu.
    Review, Promotion & Tenure section with Cases highlighted
  1. Click the Name of the desired case to view. The Case page will display.

About the Case page

On the Case page, materials and forms available to committee members can be accessed and materials submitted by a candidate can be viewed and downloaded.


The case page is a tabbed interface with the Case Materials tab and the Case Details tab. Select the tabs below to view more information on the Case page interface.

Case Materials

The Case Materials tab is divided into two main parts that can each contain one or more sections; the Candidate Packet and the Internal Sections.


Access materials

On this tab of the case page, documents that were submitted by the candidate, committee members, and external evaluators can be read and downloaded.


If the institution administering the case has elected not to allow downloading, the Download option will not be available. Some individual documents may also have downloading restricted.

  • Particular case materials can be searched for by title. This acts as a filter, displaying only materials with a matching title.
  • Click Read Case to load all accessible case materials into the document reader where they can be viewed online. The document reader displays all materials organized by sections. 
    • Click the title of a document to open that specific document in the document reader.
  • Materials can be downloaded (if enabled), annotations can be left, and PDF files of materials can be searched through.
    • To download a PDF or Zip file of all selected materials, select one or more materials from the list, then click the Download button at toward the top right of the page

Add/Export Annotations

Notes can be left on materials during the review process. The annotations made will appear on their own tab and can be exported.


Annotations are private and can only be viewed by whoever created the annotation.


Annotations are added from the lower right corner of the reader.
Pencil on top of a square, trash can, eye

  1. Click the View icon (eye) to toggle on or off the display of annotations
  2. Click the Note icon (pencil with square) to add an annotation on the currently displayed document
    • After clicking the Note icon (pencil with square), select the type of annotation desired to create:
      Notes icon selected with Point, Area, and Text shown above
      • Make no selection to add a simple Sticky note to the document.
      • Click Point to adds a note with an arrow pointing to a particular point in the document.
      • Click Area to add a note about a selected area.
      • Click Text to add a note about highlighted text.
    • To edit a note added, simply click into the text field
  3. Click into the text field of the note and then click the Delete icon (trash can) to delete a note.
  4. Click the Export icon (arrow with square) within the Annotations  tab to generate a PDF of annotations that can be downloaded and printed.
    Annotations tab selected with Export button selected

The Candidate Packet

Materials here are visible to the candidate and available for them to use in their current case. 


Made up of one or more sections the candidate will see when adding materials. These sections contain materials added to the candidate packet, either by the candidate or on their behalf, and any required forms completed by the candidate. The candidate will be able to replace or delete files in an unlocked section of the candidate packet before they submit their packet for review.


Internal Sections

Available to Committee Members reviewing the case, but cannot be viewed by the candidate. 


Materials needed as part of the review can be found here, such as candidate documents. Some materials added to internal sections can be shared with the candidate by a Unit Administrator, Case Manager, or Committee Manager.

  • There will be a section labeled External Evaluations if the institution has elected to to use the feature for requesting and collecting evaluations from external reviewers.
  • There may be a section labeled Migrated Case Materials which contains materials originally in the Candidate Packet section that have been moved as a precaution, by Interfolio, because materials in the Candidate Packet are visible to the candidate. 

Case Details

The Case Details tab is where other members of the committee can be viewed. If enabled, comments from other committee members can be seen and comments can be left on the case.


Committee Voting Results

If a committee vote has taken place and the results have been recorded by the Committee Manager, Case Manager, or Unit Administrator, those results can be seen at the bottom of the this tab. Scroll to the bottom of this tab to see the results of a committee vote.

Voting results are represented with a circle graph displaying the overall results and the number of each vote cast.


View and respond to files shared by committee

Unit Administrators, Case Manager, or Committee Managers in Interfolio RPT can share case materials with members of a committee they are managing, or other committees in the workflow of a case. Committee Members can view materials (and respond if enabled) when they log into their account.


When files are shared, an email message will be received with the prompt to log into account and view the files. If a response is requested, that will be seen as an Action Item on the Homepage along with a due date for the response. Click the link to view the file and respond,Files have been shared with you link with due date at the bottom and response requested notification at the top

  1. Click View adjacent to the desired file on the Committee Shared Files page
    • Shared files will load in the document reader. Read the document, and prepare response. 
  2. Click Respond to upload response.
    Committee Shared Files page with 5 files and the view, download, and respond buttons adjacent
  3. Give response a Title and Browse to upload the file
  4. Click Send when finished.