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Create and Export a Vita with New Vita Builder

It is easier than ever to create and export a new vita using the data about scholarly activities in our system. Users can build vitas based on a vita template and format according to personal needs, or the standards of an institution. With our new vita builder, users can add custom text, choose from new citation styles, and have more options for styling text in vita exports. All vitas must be based on a template, either your own personal template, or a template from your institution. To build a vita, you will first have to build a template, or find a template to use as a starting point.


Create and Export Vita

1. Navigate to Add New Vita under Vitas

Navigation: Vitas & Biosketches > Vitas > Add New Vita

  1. Click Vitas under the Vitas & Biosketches section of the navigation menu in Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180).
    Faculty Activity Reporting section with Vitas selected
  2. Click the Add New Vita at the top of the screen.

2. Fill out Vita information

  1. Select the Personal or Institutional as the type of vita to add.
  2. Enter the Vita Name and Description.
  3. Select the Unit (for Institutional Vitas) and desired Template.

    A default Standard Vita Template is provided by Interfolio.

  4. Click the Add New Vita button when finished.

3. Refresh Vita with the desired term

  1. Select between academic year or calendar year.
    Workload Vita section with Select Date Range Type, Start Term, End Term, and Citation Format fields below
  2. Select a Start Term and End Term (such as Spring or Fall) from the dropdown list, including the year.
  3. Select the Citation Format from the dropdown list. 

    Supported Citation Styles

    Supported Citation Styles For Vitas

    Interfolio supports the following citation styles when creating vita templates, generating vitas, and previewing scholarly contributions:


    Supported Citation Styles For Vitas

    • American Chemical Society
    • American Medical Association
    • American Physics Society
    • American Physiological Society
    • American Political Science Association
    • American Psychological Association 6th edition
    • American Psychological Association 7th edition
    • American Sociological Association
    • Bluebook Law Review
    • Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (author-date)
    • Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (full note)
    • Council of Science Editors, Citation-Sequence (numeric)
    • Elsevier (numeric, with titles)
    • Full Author Role Details (Turbian)
    • Harvard Reference format 1 (author-date)
    • Modern Language Association 7th edition
    • Modern Language Association 8th edition
    • National Library of Medicine
    • National Library of Medicine (grant proposals with PMCID/PMID)
    • Nature
    • Turabian 8th edition (full note)
    • Vancouver

    The record of any works that are drawn into the CV will be cited using the selected format.

  4. Click the Refresh Vita button after the date range and citation format is set to update the data in the CV.

4. Add custom text to sections

  1. Click the Edit (pencil) icon adjacent to the desired section on the preview of the vita to add custom text to a section. 
  2. Enter freeform text into the custom text field. Users can also select font styling for custom text. 

    Border placement and border width settings allow users to add a border above or below the custom text and set the width of the border.


    Note that the new Add Custom Text feature for a generated vita is not supported with FAR to RPT integration. The FAR to RPT integration generates a Vita in real-time based on a template (not by pulling a personalized, generated vita directly from a user’s account).

  3. Click any of the Save buttons at the top of the page to save the work done on the current vita.

    Save as New Vita creates a new vita that inherits all the settings of the current vita and gives the new vita a name and description.


    Note that the first release will not permit the bolding of the author amongst a list of co-authors/co-contributors within a publication.


5. Export, Archive, or Edit Vita

Action Steps
  1. Click the desired Vita Name hyperlink.
    Vita Name Hyperlink selected
  2. Click the Export button to open up a dropdown menu and select between creating a Shareable link (to be opened in a web browser) or a PDF  print-out of the vita.
    Export dropdown selected with Shareable Link and PDF dropdown options
  1. Select the checkboxes adjacent to one or more vitas desired to archive.
  2. Click the Archive button above the list of vitas and confirm the decision.

    Archived vitas will appear on a tab where they can be sorted by Personal or Institutional vita types. 

  3. From here, users can also restore, view, and permanently delete archived vitas.
Edit Name
  1. Select the checkbox adjacent to the desired vita.
  2. Click Edit Vita Name.
  3. Make changes to the Vita Name and Vita Description fields.
  4. Confirm your decision and click Update Vita Name
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