Reopen a Closed Position

An Interfolio Faculty Search position is either "open" meaning a position is accepting new applications, or "closed," meaning no new applications are being accepted. Committee Managers and Administrators can close a position when applications are no longer being considered, either because a hire has been made or for some other reason.

If you need to reopen a closed position, follow the instructions below.

Be aware that a few more steps are required when reopening a closed position that has gone through selection approval.

Choose a new status for the re-opened position

Find the status of the position and click the link labeled "change." Select the new status from the dropdown box.

Select and apply a new status to reflect that the position has been reopened
Reopen a closed position that has gone through selection approval

There are a few more steps involved in reopening a closed position when the positions has gone through the process of selection approval.


Filter the list of cases to find the closed case you are looking for

Click "Send Back" to send the position back to an approval step

Applications - Faculty Search - Interfolio

Fill out the form indicating which approver should receive the step, and click to send the position back to the approver

Click "Position Actions" and select "Open Position"

Applications - Faculty Search - Interfolio