Download Case Materials

If enabled, users in Interfolio RPT can download case materials to which they have access. If downloads are enabled for the entire packet, all materials (other than video or web links) can be downloaded in a Zip or PDF file. Materials can also be downloaded one at a time or all together from the document reader. This article explains both processes.

For security reasons, downloads are not direct. Users can access downloaded case material at any time from their Tasks.

The 'download' ability can be restricted at an institutional level and disabled for all users. 

Select "Cases" from the left hand navigation menu

Click the name of the candidate to open the case page

This displays the list of cases you can review or manage

On the "Case Materials" tab of the case page, users can read or download documents that were submitted by the candidate, committee members, and external evaluators.

If the institution administering the case has elected not to allow downloading, the Download option will not be available. Some individual documents may also have downloading restricted.

Download case materials from the document reader:

Click "Read Case" to load all accessible case materials into the document reader

Users can also click on the title of a document to open that specific document in the document reader.

Viewing a Packet

The document reader displays all materials organized by sections. Users can download materials (if enabled) by clicking the Download button in the upper right corner of the reader.

Clicking the Download button will give the option to download either the entire packet or the currently displayed document

If the option to download the entire packet is selected, a window listing all the documents from the packet will display. Users can select which documents from the packet should be downloaded or check the Select All box to select all documents.

Only PDF and image files can be downloaded. If multimedia files are selected for download, a notice will display and these files will not be included in the download.

To access downloaded materials, navigate back to the Home page and click the "Your files Are Ready to Download"

If this task does not appear on the Home screen, click on the View All button at the bottom of the task list to access it. 

Downloading documents will send an email prompting as user to log in and get your downloaded materials

Look for an email with links to your documents

To download a PDF or Zip file of all selected materials, select one or more materials from the list, then click the "Download" button at toward the top right of the page

Click the check box in the blue bar above the list to select all materials listed, or select one or materials to download.