Adding and Managing F180 Users with SSO

We have introduced features that will help clients to troubleshoot (investigate and solve) problems when users have issues logging in to Interfolio products with Single Sign On (SSO).  

Any user with the Institutional Administrator (IA) role can go into Faculty180 and adjust the SSO ID field if a user is having  an issue logging into the application.

In F180, the SSO ID is inherited from either login ID or Fac ID based on configuration under set up.

Troubleshooting SSO errors

To edit a user at your institution who has been provisioned with an SSO ID, go to the Personal Information section of the Faculty Form by following this path as shown below:  

Administration >  Faculty Form > Personal Information > Scroll to SSO ID section

If there is no PID (personal id) associated with a user you may see an error indicating that you cannot add an SSO ID because there is no PID associated with the user you are editing. If you encounter this, please reach out to Interfolio support to get this resolved.

Editing SSO IDs for Support Account users:

As an Institutional Admin in F180 you can modify the SSO ID for a support account user for SSO authentication purposes at any time.

Click the Edit icon on the Manage Support Accounts page for existing support account users.

On the Support Account Form page, scroll down to Login Details.

Here you can see if the login method is managed by your school (system), or managed by F180.

If Managed by your school (System) is selected:

You will see an SSO ID field

If your institution has CAS configuration for SSO you will see “Please provide the CAS Identifier” and field labeled: “CAS - SSO ID”

If your institution has LDAP configuration for SSO, you will be asked to “Please provide the LDAP Identifier”

If your institution has Shibboleth configuration for SSO, “Please provide the Shibboleth identifier, typically EPPN or EmployeeNumber”

Editing SSO ID on Personal Information section

An Institutional Admin in F180 can modify the SSO ID for a user for SSO authentication purposes at any time.

Click the Edit icon on the Manage Faculty page for existing account users, and you will see the fields pictured below on the Faculty Form page for that user.

Note: the image below displays all configuration possibilities, but only one field should display per institutional SSO configuration. For instance, if an institution has CAS configuration for SSO, only “CAS - SSO ID” will display.

Remove SSO ID in F180

An Institutional Admin in F180 can remove the SSO ID for a user to troubleshoot a user who is having login issues with SSO.

When editing a User at your institution who has been provisioned with an SSO ID, you will see an the SSO Identifier tab within the Edit User window.

Here you will see the most recent SSO ID that is associated with the user within the SSO ID field.

Click Remove SSO ID button next to the Save button for CAS OR LDAP OR Shibboleth configurations.

This will open a window where you will confirm your decision to remove the SSO ID.

Please note: Removing an SSO ID is not recommended and may result in the user being unable to log in. Remember, you can always update a user’s SSO ID via the SSO identifier tab.