Create Custom Input Sections

The content in this knowledge base is based upon the standard FACULTY180 environment. Your institution may have made changes to configure the FACULTY180 environment to meet your institution's needs; therefore, the screens in your FACULTY180 environment may differ slightly from the knowledge base. For more information, please contact your FACULTY180 administrator.

Administrators can create custom input sections for the Profile Form and Activity Input Form from within FACULTY180.

To create a custom input section, do the following:

  1. On the Admin section of the navigation menu, click Setup.
  2. Click Profile Form or Activity Input Form in the Configuration section.
  3. Select the unit for the desired form. The Form Configuration screen displays.
  4. Click the Edit icon adjacent to the form that you are adding a custom input section.

    The Configure Form screen displays, including a list of the default sections and any custom input sections that may have already been created for the form. If a higher-level unit has selected to use specific default sections and custom input sections (if applicable), lower-level units cannot remove those sections, or make any changes to the sections (such as deleting a field). Lower-level unit administrators are able to add activity classifications to the sections and reorder the sections.
  5. Click Add Section. The Add Section screen displays. During the process of creating a custom input section, click the Preview tab to see how the new section will display in the form.

General Information

  • Section Name: type a name for the new section
  • Instructions: type instructions for using the new section
  • Academic Term Input (Activity Input Form only): specify if the academic term fields should be one or two terms (two terms fields contain a start and end date)
Faculty180 - Add Section

Section Fields

  • Subsection Name: type a name for the subsection (the default subsection name is Input Form)
  • Instructions: type instructions for using the subsection
Faculty180 - Add Section


  • Field Label: type a name for the field
  • Required Field: select the checkbox if the field is required
  • Add Label to Vita Output: select the checkbox to display the field on the vita template. This field is used to define large text boxes or rich text boxes.
  • Show in Tabular Summary: select the checkbox to display content as a column on the Activity Input Form
  • Field Type: the field can display as a text field, a list, a date field, or a numeric field. The following options are available for each field type:
    • Text fields (a limit can be set for the number of characters)
      • Textbox
      • Large Text Area
      • Rich Text Editor
      • URL
    • List fields (default lists include Yes/No, US States, Canadian Provinces, and Countries; additional lists can be created manually or upload via a .csv file)
      • Drop-down
      • Drop-down with Other
      • Checkboxes (multi-select)
      • Radio Buttons
    • Date fields
      • Date (calendar picker)
      • Date and Time
      • Month and Year
      • Month and Year with Ongoing
      • Year
    • Numeric fields
      • Numeric
      • Numeric Total
      • Phone Number
      • Currency
  • Set Default Value: specify a default value for the field
  • Limit Number of Characters: specify the maximum number of characters for the field

If an input form contains multiple fields, use the Reorder Field drop-down to change the order of the fields, if desired. Fields can also be deleted using the Reorder Field drop-down.

Faculty180 - Add Section

Activity Classifications

A list of activity classifications that are available for the custom input section display here. Use the drag and drop function to select the activity classifications to be used.

Faculty180 - Add Section

Section Settings

The available section settings may differ depending on the section being configured.

  • Activity Classification Order: specify the order to display the activity classifications
  • CIP Codes
  • Faculty Access (Teaching section): specify the desired access rights for faculty members:
    • No access: the teaching summary will only be available during the current activity input period
    • Access via "View Teaching" button per term: faculty can select the academic term(s) to display and add attachments to a course
    • Access via list of course sections: all courses display in the Teaching section, attachments for a course can be added/deleted, and activity classifications can be edited
  • Disable Section Options: used to limit faculty and administrator options for the input section.
  • Choose Activity Classifications To Show in Tabular Summary
  • Show Subheadings On Activity Input Form: specify if the subheadings should display on the Activity Input Form
  • Allow in Faculty Search: specify if the section should be included in faculty search results
  • Help: add help text about how to use the custom input section


The following diagram displays how data that is input into the Profile Form and Activity Input Form provides the basis for creating multiple outputs.