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Configure Profile Form

The Profile Form in Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180) is used by faculty members to input personal data that tends to remain static over time such as contact information, degrees, credentials, and work experience. Faculty members can, generally, update their profile at any time. All profile data can be included on a faculty member's CV, or used in various types of reports.


Customization of this form should be performed at the highest level, such as the university level, and then for the next lower level, colleges, and so on. The data that is collected creates the basis for reporting and other output, such as CVs, institutional reports, accreditation reports, and more.



Institutions can make the following configuration changes to the Profile Form without the assistance of Interfolio:

  • Configure/add custom sections
  • Reorder/hide sections
  • Specify activity classifications
  • Modify section settings

How to configure the Profile Form

1. Navigate to Profile Form under Setup

Navigation: Administration > Setup > Profile Form

  1. Click Setup under the Administration section of the navigation menu.
    Navigation bar with Setup highlighted
  2. Click Profile Form under the Configuration section.
    Configuration section with Profile Form underlined

2. Make desired changes to form

  1. Click the hyperlinked number for the unit corresponding to the faculty member to be changed. If necessary, click the plus sign to expand a unit.
    • Click Unit Change to select a different unit or subunit, if desired.
    • Make sure Profile is selected as the Form Type.
      Form Type with Profile selected
  2. Click the Edit icon (pencil) adjacent to the desired profile form.
  3. Make desired changes: 
    • Click the Delete icon ("X") to delete a Profile Form.
    • Click Add Section to add a custom section.
    • Select the Reorder dropdown to change the order of the sections or hide a section.
      Reorder dropdowns
  4. Click the Edit icon (pencil) adjacent to the desired section to be configured.
  5. Click Save when finished.

Check out our article overview on on forms and sections for more information on the sections and fields within a form.


Default Input Sections

Section Details
Personal Information

Displays basic information about the faculty member. This information is often provided by a human resources record.

  • Fields may include name, gender, race, and more.
Contact Information 

Displays both personal and professional contact information for the faculty member.

  • Fields may include office location, address, phone numbers, home address, and more.
Current Position 

Displays the current academic position for the faculty member.

  • Fields may include title, start date, and rank.
Work Experience 

Documents previous position details to potentially include previous academic positions, such as the junior faculty position, at this or another institution.

  • Fields may include previous position details, start and end dates, organization, and role.

Documents and displays all degrees earned by the faculty member, and can also include degrees in progress.

  • Fields may include degree, year conferred, granting institution, and more.
Professional Licensures & Certifications

Notes current or past licenses and certifications.

  • Fields may include title of certification, date conferred, etc.
Rank and Promotion History 

Used by faculty to list each faculty rank they have held at the institution along with the date appointed or promoted to that rank.

  • Fields may include faculty rank, start and end dates, department, and institution.
Administrative Appointments 

Allows the faculty member to list current or past administrative or leadership appointments held at the institution.

  • Fields may include position title, unit/department, and start and end dates.

Allows faculty members to list their interests in administrator defined areas. This information can be utilized for finding colleagues with similar interests or to be published externally, such as the faculty member webpage.

  • Fields may include teaching, research, services, clinical, and more.
Biography  Used by faculty to display a narrative of their personal, professional, and academic experiences. This section can be utilized to furnish a faculty member webpage and to include a personally crafted statement by the faculty member.
Military Experience

Designed to capture United States military service. Faculty can use the date selection and narrative to describe their service.

  • Fields may include branch, military status, and start and end dates.
Post Graduate Training

Often used by faculty at medical and other health-affiliated schools to list residency, internship, or other placements post-medical school.

  • Fields may include type of training, speciality, institution, start and end dates, and more.
Professional Licensures

Often used by faculty at medical and other health-affiliated schools to note current or past state or federal licensures.

  • Fields may include type, state, year conferred, expiration, and more.

Often used by faculty at medical and other health-affiliated schools to list past and current certifications pertaining to their role or discipline.

  • Fields may include organization name, type, speciality, date conferred, expiration date, and more.
Additional Trainings

Often used by faculty at medical and other health-affiliated schools to list any additional training (non-professional development or non-degree affiliated) pertaining to their role or discipline.

  • Fields may include institution, speciality, start and end dates, and more.
Hospital/Clinical Appointments

Often used by faculty at medical and other health-affiliated schools to document current and past hospital appointments, noted separately from academic appointments and administrative roles.

  • Fields may include position title, hospital, and start and end dates.