Setup: Create and Manage Faculty Classifications

Faculty classifications provide a basis for classifying faculty members into useful categories. They enable tracking of faculty characteristics, such as faculty rank, tenure status, and employment status. These classifications are used for filtering to select particular groups of faculty when using the faculty selection tool. This article will cover how administrators with the relevant permissions can create and manage faculty classifications.

Create a Faculty Classification

To create a faculty classification, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Setup > Customize > Faculty Classifications, then click Add
  2. Specify the settings for each section:

A - General Information:

  • Unit: Select the unit for which the faculty classification is being set up. The faculty classification will only be available at the specified unit and the units beneath it in the organizational structure hierarchy.
  • Title: Enter a meaningful title for the faculty classification. The title must be unique, regardless of whether the faculty classification is active or inactive.
  • Help Description: Enter any instructions that should display related to this faculty classification.
  • Organization for which data are collected for: Indicate the organization (i.e. AACSB) or purpose (i.e. Graduate Curricula Committee, Sabbatical) for which the data is collected. The data entered into this field appears under the Auditor column in the table view.

B - Classification Details:

  • Require on new faculty input form: Select Yes to require an input for this classification for all new users.
  • Require on faculty classifications form: Select Yes to require data entry in this field when included on a faculty classification form
  • Require notes for this classification: Select Yes to add a Notes text box next to the faculty classification on the faculty classification input form. This text box is only available on the input form.
  • Add to a classification input form: If the faculty classification should be added to an existing classification input form, select the appropriate form from the list.

C - Display Type and Report Filtering:

  • Display Type: Select the appropriate field type. The options are the following:
    • Dropdown select box: Allows for a list of values to be specified. Only one value can be selected from the list
    • Open Text field: A text box
    • Multiple-item select box: Allows for a list of values to be specified. Multiple values may be selected from the list
    • Large text field: An expandable text box with a rich text editor
    • Numeric text field: A text box requiring numeric input rather than text
    • Date: Allows a date to be entered
  • Show as a filter in reports: Select Yes to have the filter available in reports. This filter option only applies to Dropdown Select Box or Multiple-Item Select Box display types, and the faculty classification will only be added as a filter after there data has been entered.

Section D - Classification, provides a preview of the faculty classification.

  • If the display type of Dropdown select box or Multiple-Item Select box was specified as the display type in Step 6, enter the appropriate options. Click Add Another Option to add additional options.

Carefully review the values and spelling entered for a faculty classification for accuracy prior to saving. Any subsequent changes to the values will need to be made with help from the Interfolio technical service team. Please reach out to for assistance with editing faculty classification values.

  1. Click Save
Add and Manage Faculty Classification Data

Once faculty classifications have been created, data can be added and managed with several methods. Please see the following articles for more information on each of the available data management options:

Edit Existing Faculty Classifications

Changes to existing faculty classifications may have to be requested. To protect data integrity, changes to values that have already been selected by users will have to be made with help from the Interfolio technical services team. Please reach out to for assistance.

To add new values or edit other classification details (such as the help description or form requirements) for existing faculty classification, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Setup > Customize > Faculty Classifications
  2. Click the Edit icon next to the relevant faculty classification
  3. Make the necessary changes
  4. Save