Managing Data in Faculty Classifications - Create an Input Form

The content in this knowledge base is based upon the standard FACULTY180 environment. Your institution may have made changes to configure the FACULTY180 environment to meet your institution's needs; therefore, the screens in your FACULTY180 environment may differ slightly from the knowledge base. For more information, please contact your FACULTY180 administrator.

Create an Input Form

To create an input form for faculty classifications, do the following:

  1. On the Admin menu of the navigation menu, click Administration > Create Input Form (in the Input Faculty Classifications section).
  1. The Create Input Form screen displays. Click Add.
    The Input Form screen displays.
  2. Specify the settings for section 1 - Form Details:
  • Form Name: Specify a name for the form.
  • Unit: Select the unit associated with the faculty classification. Click the Change link to change the Unit.
    • The Org Structure displays. By default, the Organization abbreviations are displayed. To view the full name of the unit, click the Full Name checkbox.
    • To expand a unit, click the plus (+) symbol.
    • To search for a specific unit, enter the unit name in the search box.
    • Click an organization name to select that unit.
  • Allow input form to be sent to faculty via the Communication screen: Select this option to add the form for selection to send via the Communication screen (Communication > Faculty Classification Form).
    • Selecting this option places a checkmark in the Faculty Accessible?column on the Manage Input Forms screen (Administration > Create Input Form).
  • Allow faculty to access a printable version of this input form on the Forms & Reports screen: Select this option to provide faculty with the opportunity to print the form using the Forms and Reports option on the dashboard.
  • Allow faculty to access a printable version of this input form as a permanent Quicklink: Select this option to enable the ability to save the printable version of the form as a Quicklink.
  • Allow evaluations to use a printable version of this input form as a document: Select this option to use the input form in evaluations.
  1. Specify the settings for section - 2 Classifications to Appear in Form:
    • Drag and drop the faculty classifications from left to right to include the faculty classification(s) on the input form. The order of the classifications will affect how they appear on the form. There is no preview for the form, it is suggested that the form be sent to the administrator creating the form via Communications for preview.
  1. To create a new faculty classification to add to the form, click the Create New Faculty Classification link (refer to Create New Faculty Classifications).
  2. Enter instructions related to completing the form in section - 3  Form Instructions.
  3. Specify the settings for Section - 4  Default Activity Review:
    • Select the default activity to be available for review when completing the input form.  
      • Note: This is only available when setting classifications for one faculty member at a time.