Courses Taught Report

A courses taught report will display all of the teaching information for a selected range.

Click on the Courses Taught Report

Select how the information should be 'Computed As, either 'Total' or 'Average per Section'

Select the specific information to display in the Measure of Teaching field.

The following measures can be displayed for the selected faculty/units.

Enrollment information
Student Credit Hours
Credit Hours
Teaching Load
Courses Sections

Choose the relevant course levels to display: All, Undergraduate, Graduate, or Professional.

This allows you to easily narrow the displayed course information by the assigned course level, field.

Select the Begin and End date for relevant course information.

Select whether or not you want to include Unique sections

Diving into the Results

After running your report, you are able to dive into the different aspects of the data to see more specific information.

Select a unit prefix to limit the view of the report and dive into all selected information for only that unit, AA (Agricultural Accounting) is selected in the example below.

When selected, all relevant courses for the range are displayed. You can further dive into a specific semester, summary total, or single course, by selecting the relevant link.

Selecting a single semester total, will narrow the information and courses displayed to that semester.

Diving deeper eventually allows users to find faculty/course specific information

Modify, Save or Export the Report

After you have ran the report, or at any stage during the drill-down process you can easily 1. modify, 2. save this report for later use or 3. export in a variety of formats.