Scholarly Citations

Configuring a Scholarly Citations Report

Select which columns of information to display from the available list of scholarly contribution types.

Select a scholarly citation export format

Select relevant statuses by selecting the Change Button

Check/Uncheck the relevant statuses that you are interested in seeing in this report.

Choose a relevant date range for the information to display.

Select to filter the Year Published data

There are three options to filter by Year Published.
Off does not perform a filter any year published
Based on Semester Filter filters the year published to the semester filter
Custom allows users to create a different date range to filter the year published by

Select the display mode, exampled below

Select an option from the displayed list.

There are many options to filter the scholarly citattons report, based on a number of fields, such as the Faculty, Type, and Activity Classifications.

Select which activity classifications to display.

When you are ready to view the report, click Refresh

The report lists all of the scholarly citations based on the relevant fields and shows the citation information in the selected formats.

Users can modify and export the report at the top of the screen.