Course Attachment Report

Only users with the relevant user roles and permissions may access this page and run the report.

From the Administration page, within the Administrative Reports section, select the Course Attachments

Configure the Course Attachment Report

1. Choosing Information/Data, 2. Selecting Relevant Faculty Members, 3. Adding additional activity classifications or program/course groupings.

Select the relevant course level for the report.

Set a Begin and End term to create a range of data to pull.

Select a type of attachment to pull into a report

Select if you want to display courses with attachment, or course without attachments.

After you have configured your report, select build-report.

Diving into the Data

After selecting some semester data, in this example the College of Business, you can see all of the contained faculty members and their work that makes up the sum values on the previous page

With the proper permissions, after drilling down into specific faculty member's work, you can view the submission by clicking the view icon.

Modify, Export, or Save The Report

At any point you are able to 1. Modify, 2. Export, and 3.Save your Report by clicking the buttons at the top of the screen, as displayed below.