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Evaluator's Guide to Faculty Search

Interfolio Faculty Search provides faculty members and staff with a set of tools specifically designed to facilitate academic committee work. When its time to hire faculty or consider fellowship applications, evaluators can easily access and review applicant materials and participate in committee activities on-line with Faculty Search.


You can generate and download a PDF version of this article from the left sidebar of this page.

Getting started:

If you do not already have an Interfolio account, you will get an email inviting you to activate your free account

Click "Sign in" in the invitation email.

Set your password, agree to our terms of service and click "Activate Account" to access Faculty Search

If you already have an account with us, your invitation email will take you to your account to sign in

Sign into your account

You can sign in to the program with your email and password, your Google account, or using your institutional ID.


Viewing the list of positions:

Click "Positions" in the side menu to see a list of positions you have been assigned to evaluate

Or select a position from your task list.

Positions are listed in a table that displays the position name, status, type, and open and close dates

The positions to which you have access will display in a table that lists:

  • Position: The name or title of the position you are trying to fill such as "Associate Professor..."
    • Beneath the position title you will see the department, position type (faculty, fellowship, staff, etc), and position ID number
  • Status: The position status describes the current state of the search, such as; "Accepting Applications," "Under Review", etc.
  • Application Information: The number of applications for the position and the open and close dates indicating when a position is open or closed to new applications

Position list management:

We have features to help you search, sort, and organize the list of positions you have been assigned to evaluate.

  • Search: You can search for a particular position by name, unit, position type, status or date
  • Filter: You can also filter the list to only display positions of a particular type, status, or limit the display to either active or closed positions

Click the "Filter" button to open the drop down menus that allow you to sort by position type (such as faculty, staff, or fellowship), position status, and active or closed positions.


Viewing the list of applicants:

Click the position title to access the applications for a position

Applications are listed in a table that displays the applicant name, the date the application was last updated, the applicant status, and if permissions allow; tags and a rating summary

At the top of the page you will see the unit where the position is posted, the current position status and open and close dates.

The applications display in a table that lists:

  • Applicant name: click the applicant's name to open their application and view their application materials, or check the box next to the name to select more than one applicant.
  • Application Status: The application status describes the place of the applicant in the search process, such as; "Shortlist," "Not Competitive," "Invited for Interview," etc.
  • Tags: Tags are short bits of text tags that can be used to sort or mark applications for a variety of purposes. If permissions allow you can create tags and view tags added by others to applications.
  • Rating: If permissions allow you can rate applicants on custom criteria using a five star scale. Depending on the settings for the position, you may be able to see your overall rating listed here.

The applicant list can get quite long. For more information on the tools for managing a large applicant pool see Organizing the Applicant List below.


Reviewing application materials on-line:

Check the name of one or more applicants in the list to review their application materials


Selecting a name or names from the list opens a new set of buttons on the page:

Read, Tag, Download

Click "Read" to view the selected applications in your browser

Review applications on-line using our materials viewer

The selected applications will open in Interfolio's materials viewer. You can scroll through the applications of all selected applicants one at time. From the viewer, you can navigate through the application, search for terms in .pdf documents that are part of the application, and if permissions allow, you can leave comments, tags, and give applicants a rating on pre-defined criteria.

Materials submitted by the applicant appear bookmarked as application materials. If internal documents have been added to the application by the committee, these are bookmarked in the viewer as well.

You can leave notes/annotations on application documents from the lower right of the viewer


Only you can view the notes you leave on an application.

  • Point notes are virtual stickies that point to something in the document
  • Area notes allow you to select a section of text in a document
  • Text notes highlight passages of selected text

To download a .pdf file of the currently displayed application, click the download button at the upper right of the viewer


Downloading application materials:

To download multiple applications at once: Select the names of the applicants in the list and select "Download."

You will see an action under "My Tasks" notifying you when the materials you requested to download are ready. Click the link to access the materials

Click to download

All of the selected applications will be downloaded to your computer as a zipped set of .pdf files

To download an individual application: click the applicant's name when viewing the list of applicants

Clicking the applicant's name will open the applicant profile. Click "Read" to open the application in the materials viewer

Click "Download" at the top right of the viewer to download a 'pdf file of the application materials directly to your computer

You can also download individual application documents from the applicant profile page


The Applicant Profile (Application page):

Click the name of an applicant to view that applicant's profile page

The applicant profile is the same as their actual application. Here you will find all of the applicant's information,  required documents uploaded by the applicant, internal documents and so on.

From the profile page you can view and add tags to the application (if enabled), and access application materials (click the name of a file to open it, or click to download the material

If enabled, you may be able to rate the applicant, and  leave comments and notes on the application

You can click "Read" to open the application in our materials viewer, or "Download" to save the application materials


Application list management:

The list of applications for a position is often very long. We have features to help you search, sort, organize, and customize the list of applicants. We also allow you to save your views of the list so you can recall your work when going through applications.

  • Search: You can search for a particular position by name, unit, position type, status or date
  • Filter: You can also filter the list to only display positions of a particular type, status, or limit the display to either active or closed positions


Organizing the Applicant List:

Tagging Applications

If your institution allows it, you can add and create tags to attach to an application. Tags are bits of text you can use to help identify, sort, and mark applications.

  1. With one or more applicants selected in the list, click the "Tag" button and select an existing tag or create a new one
  2. By default, tags will appear listed in the applicant table (See below for instructions on configuring the columns displayed in the list)

Filtering the list of applicants

Click the "Filter" button at the top of the list to open a set of options for filtering the list. You can filter the list of applications by data points including highest degree earned, application status, tags, ratings, or completion status.


The list will be filtered according to your settings and the filters will appear above the list.


Note that you can easily remove the filters you add either one at a time, or by hitting the button taged "Clear Filters."

Saving views of the Applicant list

Click "Save"

Enter a name and click to save

Click "Saved Views" to recall the view of the list using the filters you have set

Customizing the columns of information that display on your view of the applicant list:

Click the "Columns" button to the right of the page and select the columns of information you want to display

The default columns that will display are applicant name, date updated, tags, and overall average rating (if enabled). You can add columns for complete status, date submitted, highes degree earned and highest degree date, and your overall ratings.  Note that you can restore the default columns at any time.


You can also add answers to custom form questions as column headers in the display.


Searching the Applicant list and saving searches:

Enter a keyword in the box to search the list by name education, or status