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Evaluator's Guide to Faculty Search

Interfolio Faculty Search (FS) provides faculty members and staff with a set of tools specifically designed to facilitate academic committee work. When it is time to hire faculty or consider fellowship applications, Evaluators can easily access and review applicant materials and participate in committee activities online with FS.


Getting Started

  1. Click Positions under Faculty Search on the navigation bar.
    Positions selected under Faculty Search
  1. The accessible positions will display in a table that lists the position name, status of the position, and application information such as the number of applications for the position and the open/close dates.
    Positions page with Positions, Status, Application Information, and EEO Notes columns
  2. Search for a particular position by name, unit, position type, status, or date, or filter to only display positions of a particular type or status, or limit the display to either active or closed positions in order to find the desired position.
  3.  Click the hyperlinked Name of the desired position title. The applicants for that position will display.
    Position name page with list of applicants at the bottom of the page with the APplicant Name, Date Updates, Applicant Status, Tags, Disposition Codes, and My Overall Rating sections

    Applications are listed in a table that displays the applicant name, the date the application was last updated, the applicant status, and (if permissions allow) tags and a rating summary

  4. At the top of the page the Unit where the position is posted, the current position status, and the open and close dates are shown.



Why can Evaluators not see the applicants?

  • Check that the Evaluator has been assigned to the Search Committee. They may not yet be assigned as a Committee Member to the position. Committee Managers or Administrators must add Evaluators as new users to the system, but these users must also be assigned to the search committee for a position.
  • Check the status of the search. The current status of the search may not allow for Evaluator access and the position status must allow for Evaluators to review applications.
  • Check that the position or application has not been archived.  Positions and applications that have been archived will not show up by default on the Positions or Applications pages, so check to make sure Evaluators are viewing active positions.
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