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Why can't evaluators see the applicants?

If Evaluators can't see the applications for a position, check to make sure they have been added to the search committee, that the position status allows Evaluators to review applications, and that the position or application has not been archived.

Committee Managers or Administrators must add Evaluators as new users to the system, but these users must also be assigned to the search committee for a position. For more information, see this article on adding members to a search committee.

Also, the position status must allow for Evaluators to review applications. See this article on position statuses.

Finally, positions and applications that have been archived will not show up by default on the Positions or Applications pages, so check to make sure your Evaluators are viewing active positions.

See this article (written for Evaluators) for more information on viewing positions "Don't see the position you are looking for?"