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About Interfolio Deliveries for Medical and Dental Applicants

This article will review information on what type of delivery to start, how to create the delivery, and how to find out the specific details around getting application materials to perspective medical or dental applications when applying to medical or dental school. Most applications to medical and/or dental school can be submitted using an Interfolio delivery.


With a premium Dossier Deliver account, materials can be sent by:


Interfolio works diligently to have the most updated information listed here about application services, but it is recommended to check with the application service directly. Applicants are responsible for submitting materials on time and complete.


Interfolio Deliveries for Medical and Dental Applicants

Can application materials be delivered using Interfolio?

Yes. The most common deliveries are Confidential Letter Upload and Interfolio Partner Delivery. In the section below there Is a list of common health profession applications that Interfolio currently supports, along with a list of those that are not supported. If for some reason Interfolio is unable to complete the preferred delivery method, it is recommended to ask the service to submit the documents via email or mail delivery. Interfolio can do so, here are some materials to assist in choosing email or mail for delivery.


What application services can Interfolio send to?

Please note this is not a definitive list of services Interfolio does and does not support.  These are simply the services Interfolio is currently aware of. If the service being used is not listed here, first check to see if they will accept a 3rd Party Dossier Service submission of materials.

Supported as of March 2019
  • *AMCAS

*An asterisk denotes an employment, fellowship, or other opportunity searchable through an Interfolio account. This includes the application services that Interfolio currently supports.

Check out this article on how to Use Dossier Deliver to Apply to Medical or Dental Schools for more information on each of these services.

Not Supported as of April 2018
  • ERAS
  • NursingCAS
  • GradCAS
  • OptomCAS

Searching Interfolio for Medical and Dental School Opportunities in an Interfolio Account

Institutions, and other various services, use Interfolio as their primary source for gathering materials from their applicants. Some medical and dental organizations have searchable opportunities listed with Interfolio as well. Applicants can search Interfolio's list of employment and fellowship opportunities and have their materials delivered via the recipient's preferred method of delivery.

Check out this article on how to Search for Employment and Fellowship Opportunities in Dossier for more information.


Possible Reasons Interfolio Cannot Process Deliveries to Medical/Dental School

As mentioned above there are some applications Interfolio is not able to support. Here are a few reasons why an Interfolio delivery may be put on hold or canceled:

Reason Description
The recipient requires supplemental questions As a 3rd party, Interfolio cannot answer on behalf of evaluators even if the answers are provided to Interfolio. Interfolio can be held liable if any information supplied on their behalf is not accurate. Oftentimes Interfolio will not know what the form includes until the processing team gets started on the delivery. Please allow for enough time between submitting applications and getting letters delivered. Please pay close attention to Interfolio's processing window times for all delivery types.
There are not enough delivery credits in an account to process the delivery.

More delivery credits can always be added to an account.

Check out this article on how to View Remaining Deliveries, Add more Deliveries, and Account Expiration Date for more information.

The submitted letters do not include proper formatting. Please check with schools and the application services to see what is proper formatting for a letter of recommendation. Interfolio already quality checks letters when they are included in the delivery.
About letter Quality Checks

Interfolio performs quality checks on all letters requested by Dossier Deliver users within 1-4 days of receiving the letter. These checks include verification that:

  • The person being requested the letter from is the person who wrote the letter.
  • The letter is written for the correct candidate.
  • The proper Letterhead is present.
  • The signature is present and accurate.
  • The date is provided.

Note that in our QC we do not check whether the letter is for medical school, dental school, or a generic letter. If clarification is needed, contact us at for a manual check.

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