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Generate Grant Citations Report

The Grant report lists all of the scholarly citations based on the relevant fields and shows the citation information in the selected formats. Users can modify and export the report at the top of the screen.


1. Navigate to the Grant Citations report

Navigation: Administration > Reports > Grant Citations

  1. Click Reports under the Administration section of the navigation.
    Administration section with Reports highlighted
  2. Click Scholarly Citations under the Administrative Reports section.
    Administrative Reports section with Grant Citations underlined

2. Fill out information to build report

  1. Fill out information in the General, Faculty, and Details section.
    • Click the Change button next to Grant Status to select the relevant grant status.
    • Select relevant date range.
    • Users can add additional filters based on faculty and activity classifications.
  2. Click Build Report. When running the report, the information will be listed at the bottom of the screen with the grant and faculty information