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For External Evaluators: Guide to Providing Evaluations in Review, Promotion, and Tenure

If you have been asked to provide an evaluation for a candidate who is up for review at an institution that uses Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure, you can fulfill this request in a few, simple steps outlined below.

You can print this article using the link to the left of the page. Checlo out our video guide below!

For External Evaluators: Guide to Providing Requested Evaluations in Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure | Help for Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure | Help Center

All requests for evaluations are managed by an administrator at the institution conducting the search. This individual will invite you to submit an evaluation via email.

The email will include:

  • A due date for submission of the evaluation
  • The email address of the individual who sent the request, in case you have questions
  • A personal note (if any) from the person or committee making the request

Click "View Request"

Indicate if you accept or decline the letter request

You will see a landing page where you can accept or decline the evaluation request.

Selecting “Accept” will notify the requester that you have accepted, but will not show whether you have read or uploaded materials.

If you choose to accept the request you will be taken to a page with relevant documents (if any), provided by the institution, to help guide your review.

Click Read All Materials to access files included with the request within the Interfolio Document Viewer.

You may also click to Download shared files.

When you are ready to submit your evaluation, scroll down to the Confidential Evaluation section and click "Add File"

Drag & Drop or browse to locate the file containing your evaluation and click "Add"

Add additional files

If enabled in the program by the person requesting the evaluation, you can add up to 10 additional files to support the evaluation.

Click "Submit" when you are ready to submit your evaluation

You will see a confirmation screen thanking you for your evaluation.

Once an evaluation and/or additional files have been added, the evaluator can download the evaluation and additional files.

If you decline the request:

Click "I Decline"

If you choose to decline the request for an evaluation you will be taken to a page confirming your choice. Note that if you change your mind, you can come back to this page through the original email (or your Interfolio account if you have one) and agree to submit an evaluation.

You can click Message the Committee to send the committee a note explaining your decision.

Click "Message the Committee" if you want to write a message to the committee who sent the request