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View Uploaded Letters

Go to the Letters section of the Dossier account to access a list of completed letter requests and access the recommendations previously uploaded.


Only letter writers may upload or send letters to Interfolio. Applicants cannot upload or send a confidential letter on the letter writers behalf.


View Uploaded Letters

Navigation: Letters > Letters to Write > Status > Completed

  1. Click Letters on the navigation menu.
    Letters selected on the navigation menu
  2. Select the Letters to Write tab.
    Letters section with Letters to Write tab selected

    Note that the number of new requests will appear listed on the tab and the letters asked to write will appear listed on the page. By default, requests that have not yet been accepted, or that have been accepted but not yet submitted will appear listed.

  3. Select Completed under the Status dropdown.
    Status with Completed in the dropdown
  4. Click View Details under the Actions column.
    View Details selected under the Actions column
  5. Click Download under the Actions column to download the file.