Request a Letter of Recommendation on Behalf of an Applicant

Committee Managers and Administrators can request confidential letters of recommendation directly from recommenders on behalf of an applicant. This allows, for instance, a committee to request recommendations from a list of potential recommenders suggested by the applicant without involving the applicant in the request process.

2. Click the Actions button and then select Request recommendation

3. Fill out the request form, set a due date for the recommendation, and write an email message to recommenders

Letter writers will receive the message you create along with instructions for submitting the recommendation.

4. You can request recommendations from multiple letter writers at once

When requesting recommendations from multiple writers, you can use text variables to automatically fill in the first and last name of each letter writer

5. You can also attach files from the materials submitted by the applicant

Click "Add"

Select a document to include with the request

The request will display under the "Requested Recommendations" section that appears under Internal Documents once a recommendation is requested

While it is still pending, you can resend, edit & resend, or cancel the request.

After the first recommendation is requested for the application, new recommendations can be made using the "Request" button and following steps 3 through 5 above

6. Once received, the recommendation can be downloaded or read on screen