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Apply to a Position Hosted with Interfolio

Many institutions have partnered with Interfolio, and are running their searches for jobs, grants, fellowships, and post-docs through our platform.

We call these opportunities, "Interfolio-hosted positions, and anyone can apply for free to Interfolio-hosted positions. These applications do not count against the 50 annual deliveries that come with a subscription to Dossier Deliver.


When applying for an Interfolio-hosted position, you will be uploading materials to your Dossier account.

Remember, you can search for more opportunities from directly within our program, and with an upgrade to Dossier Deliver, you can use the application materials you've uploaded to your Dossier to apply to any position, even ones not in Interfolio.

By upgrading to Dossier Deliver, In addition to external delivery of your materials, you will be able to share your materials and receive feedback from your reviewers.


Apply from the ad for the position:

If an institution is using Interfolio to run a search, there will be a link to apply on the announcement or ad for the position.


Click “Apply Now For Free”

You will be asked to sign in or create an account


If you have an existing Interfolio account, you can log in and search for a position:

1. Select "Deliveries" from the left hand navigation

2. Click "New Delivery" in the upper right-hand corner

3. Scroll down to "Find an Opportunity," and search for positions by keyword, or enter the name of the position or institution

If you have not yet upgraded your account to include a Dossier Deliver subscription, you will be prompted to upgrade.

You can ignore the upgrade popup box and follow the instructions below to search for opportunities listed through Interfolio.


4. Click the title of the position

5. Click "Start Application" to apply


1. Complete your Profile

If you haven't completed a profile, you may be asked to complete your profile in order to apply to the Interfolio-hosted position. The information you provide will be shared with the institutions to which you apply.


2. Upload Required Documents 

When applying for an Interfolio-hosted position, you are guided through a series of application steps

An overview of the application steps are listed to the right of the screen.


1. The first step is uploading required materials to the application

You will need to satisfy all document requirements before submitting your application (or all requirements for a section before submitting the section).


Click "Add File" to add required materials


2.a. To add files from your Dossier:

If you have already uploaded materials to your Dossier account they will show up in the drop-down list on the tab labeled "Choose Existing."


-or- click "Collections" to open a tab where you can select materials from your saved collections.

Select all the materials to include and click "Add."

To upload new files from your computer, open the "Add New File" tab and drag and drop or browse to upload files to your Dossier.

When enough documents have been added to satisfy a requirement, a green check will display

Click "Next Step" when you are finished adding required documents


2.b. Use Dossier to request and add confidential letters of recommendation:

You can choose to use a letter you already have in your Dossier, or request a new recommendation

To use existing recommendations simply select them from the list and click “Add”

To request a new recommendation, open the "Request a Recommendation" tab, and click the "Request" button to begin the process.

Fill out the recommendation request form

Your request will be sent to your letter writers along with instructions for uploading your letter.

When we receive the recommendation from your letter writer we will add it to your Dossier and attach it to your application

Pending Status

You request will appear with the status "Pending" until we receive it from your writer. Note that to complete the requirement, you only need to have requested the letter. The requirement is considered complete when all required letters have been requested and/or added.


Click "Add File" under the requirement for a confidential letter of recommendation.


2.c. As you add required materials, you can preview how they will appear to the recipient or reviewer

Click the title of the material

This opens a preview of the file.


After uploading a document or other material, click the edit pencil.


2.d. If you need to edit the name, delete, or replace a document, click the edit pencil

To replace a document, click "Replace" in the bottom right corner of the window

The document will be removed from the application ONLY. A copy will remain stored in your Dossier account.


Select a replacement document and click "Add," or click "Add New File" to upload a new document.

Click the trash icon to delete a document



3. Enter your education information if you choose

Select the highest degree you have earned, list the institution where you earned the degree, and the date you received the degree.


4. Complete Application Forms

Simply fill out the form and click "Next Step" when you are finished.



5.  Review and confirm your application on the Overview page

Note the status row indicating the current state of the application

This row will tell you if the application can be edited, if it has been submitted, withdrawn, or reactivated, and lists the close date of the position.



6. Submit your application

When all requirements are met, click to submit your application.

You will see a confirmation message and be taken to your Applications page


Review, edit and manage your applications from the "Deliveries" page

After submitting, you may review and track your application by signing in to your Interfolio account and navigating to your "Deliveries" page.


Review, edit and manage your applications from the "Deliveries" page

Remember, the materials you use when applying for Interfolio-hosted positions will appear in your Dossier, and you can use those materials for other applications.

From the materials page of your Dossier, select a document or other material to preview it and view a history of changes including when and where you have used the material, when it was last updated etc.