Allow Evaluators to Add Additional Files to External Evaluations

When requesting an evaluation, users can decide whether or not the evaluator(s) can submit additional files in addition to the requested evaluation letter.

Please note that these files are not required for the evaluator to submit their letter, and additional files are not tied to a requirement.

This feature is found in the Response Settings section of the evaluation request form as shown below.

Candidate Profile: New Candidate - Review, Promotion & Tenure - Interfolio

If the box labeled Can the evaluator submit additional files? is checked, then when the evaluator goes to submit their evaluation, they will see this new option, allowing them to add up to 10 additional files underneath the evaluation requirement as shown below.


Evaluation Request Response - Review, Promotion & Tenure - Interfolio

On the case page, all additional files to each external evaluation appear together listed as attachments to the submitted evaluation.

Candidate Profile: Jaco Bassman - Review, Promotion & Tenure - Interfolio

Additional files to each external evaluation appear together in the case packet listed as attachments to the evaluation.

Individual additional files that are attached in this way cannot be moved, rearranged, or shared, apart from the evaluation and the rest of the attachments. However, individual additional files can be downloaded.

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