How to Bundle Candidate Documents to Send to External Evaluators

The goal of this article is to help individuals send the packet files from a candidate's case to an External Evaluator. This will expedite the process and make it easier for those with many files.

You can attach all of the case files or selected files when requesting the evaluation or when editing and resending the evaluation request.

Select "Cases" from the left hand navigation menu

Open the candidate's case page

Request or resend the external evaluation request

Scroll down the case page and select "Request Evaluation"

-Or- select a request to edit and resend

On the evaluation request page, scroll down to "Files" and click "Add"

Select which case files you want to send, or click to send them all

The files will appear in a list ot the bottom left of the request page

Click "Select All" to send all files along with the request

Be aware that when sending all, this may include committee files and other external evaluations.

If you decide you don't want certain files to be sent. you can de-select them (click the x) to remove them from the request

The evaluator will receive an email with a request. If they accept the request, they will be taken to page where they can download the files