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Overview of Forms

There are three kinds of forms in Interfolio Promotion & Tenure (RPT); candidate forms, case data forms, and committee forms.  All three types of forms are completely customizable and can be added to both a template or a case. 


The benefit of gathering data from a custom form is that the information collected can easily be generated into a report which can be viewed in a browser and exported as a CSV file for use in a spreadsheet program.


Overview of Forms


Form Details
Candidate Candidate forms are designed to collect information from a candidate and are completed by the candidate in the process of completing their packet of materials. When creating a candidate form, it is possible to make a question required. That means that the candidate will not be able to submit their application without answering the question on the form. If the question is not required, the candidate can submit their case without answering the question. 
Case Data A case data form is designed to attach pertinent information about the candidate to a case and can only be filled out by a Unit Administrator in the program. Questions on case data forms can be required, but these are accessed from the candidate Case page and are not part of the candidate submitting their case. In fact, candidates will never see the questions or answers on a case data form.
Committee Committee forms allow Unit Administrators to require, collect, and report on the results of responses to fixed questions from individual reviewers and committee members.


When creating a form, a unit must be assigned. Attaching a form to a unit controls which units can use those forms for their cases or templates. For instance, if a form is created at the institutional level, any unit below it (colleges or departments) can access that form while creating a case. If a form is created at the college level, only that college and the departments within that college can access that form. If a form is created at the departmental level, then the only unit that can access that form when creating a case is that department.

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