Custom Application Forms

A standard faculty search will collect personal information from applicants, such as names, emails, and contact information, along with typical documents such as cover letters, C.V.s, and letters of recommendation. If you need to collect additional information specific to your institution or individual search, you can create a custom application form that will appear as a requirement in your institution's online application.

For example, some institutions like to collect information about their advertisements with a form asking “Where did you hear about this position?" Other institutions might require forms that allow candidates to specify their strengths or preferences that apply specifically to the position.

All administrators and committee managers can create forms. Forms can be specific to the institution, college, department or position. Once a form has been created at a specific tier, any position that falls under that tier will have access to the form in Step 4 of the position creation process, or when editing a position.

Note that creating forms and adding them to your application are two separate processes. Forms are created from the Administration page, but are added to your online application requirements either at Step 4 of creating a position, or from the Edit Position screen.

Faculty Search's form editor can also be used to collect Equal Employment Opportunity data, and comes pre-loaded with a VEVRAA/503-compliant Standard EEO form. EEO forms can be required by institutional or unit administrators. If a form is marked as an EEO form, only EEO officers and Administrators with EEO access may view the data it collects. Responses are not available to committee members without EEO access.