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Communication in Interfolio Faculty Search

Interfolio Faculty Search includes numerous methods for users to communicate with each other. Administrators and Committee Managers have the ability to email applicants individually or in groups, as well as create automated email notifications (which can trigger automated letters of rejection, for instance).

Comments and "Tags" are tools that help Evaluators and Committee Managers communicate with one another about specific candidates, and are also used to organize and sort applications.

Administrators and Committee Managers can enable or disable comments and labels from the Administration page.


Committee Managers and Administrators can email applicants individually or in groups, as well as create automated email notifications in Interfolio Faculty Search.



If allowed, Evaluators can add tags to an applicant record. These are custom tags to help sort, categorize, and quickly identify applications. Tags are useful, for example, for quickly noting qualifications ("PhD", "Wrong Degree") or noting when they have been reviewed by an Evaluator ("Reviewed by Mark").

Tags are also useful for sorting purposes. For example, if a Committee Manager uses a tag to assign each applicant to an Evaluator, then Evaluators can filter by their label and view only those applications they are assigned to review.

Keep in mind that tags are viewable by anyone that has access to the search at your institution. We strongly recommend that Administrators discuss a standard nomenclature to use for labels before beginning the process of evaluation.

Blind Review

When setting up or editing a position, Administrators or Committee Managers can elect to use a blind review policy. With a blind review, Evaluators cannot see one another's comments and ratings. You can, however, start with a blind review, and then un-toggle the feature later for group discussion/collaboration. 


Users will see new tasks on their homepage when certain actions need to be completed.