Getting Help For Interfolio

Users can access detailed help for Interfolio by signing into the Dossier account and visiting our Help Center.

If an institution has partnered with us to provide Single Sign-On, follow this link to sign in through your institution.

Online Help Center

Have questions about how to accomplish a specific task?  Sign in to your account, click on your name to select "Help" and try searching the extensive knowledge base of articles with step-by-step instructions at our online Help Center.

Scholar Services

Submit a help request via email to our Scholar Services team at


We can also be reached via social media:

@interfolio on Twitter

@interfolio on Facebook

Help from your Institution

Some of our client institutions prefer that faculty members reach out to internal resources as opposed to our Scholar Services staff. Typically this is true for users at an institution that uses Faculty180. 

Our staff will do our best to answer all questions, but as a first step please direct questions to internal resources at the institution as opposed to our Scholar Services staff.