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Interfolio Faculty Search: Best Practices for Managing a Search

Be sure to check out our free webinar on creating and managing a position:

If you’re managing a search this year, here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Logging In: You can help your faculty access their account by resending the invitation to Interfolio. That email will prompt your faculty member to create a new password and help them access their account. If your committee members experience any trouble, they can select "Forgot your password?" from the Interfolio home page.
  2. Requiring Confidential Letters of Recommendation: Don’t forget! In order for an applicant to apply to your position, they need to complete all requirements before they can submit. That means, fulfilling each required document slot and completing all required form questions before they can submit their application.

  1. Collecting Additional Documents from a Subset of Applicants: A common strategy for narrowing down a large applicant pool is a two-stage search. After you narrow down your applicant pool, you can request additional documents from the smaller list of applicants. Don’t forget to add additional document requirements (if necessary), and make sure to edit either the Position Status or the Application Status to permit those applicants to update their application materials.
  2. Don't see the position yo are looking for? Make sure you have been assigned to the search committee. Your Committee Manager may not have added you to the search yet. Check the status of the search. The status of the search may not allow for Evaluator access at this point in time
  3. Landing Page Analytics: Wonder how your applicants are finding your positions? We now have a tool that shows a simple pie chart illustrating how your potential applicants are accessing your position’s “Apply Now” page. This handy chart can help you learn whether your recruitment dollars are paying off—why pay to post someplace that no one goes? If you aren't getting the applicant pool you expected for whatever reason (not diverse enough, not competitive enough), you can see which job boards are getting applicants and switch tack, if necessary.

Still Stuck?

We’re here to help! Anyone can contact our Scholar Services team at or (877) 997-8807 Monday- Friday, 9:00-6:00 PM ET.