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View the List of Positions

Positions accessible to you in Faculty Search appear on the Positions page.

Click the positions link from the navigation bar

Positions are listed in a table that displays the position name, status, type, and open and close dates

The positions to which you have access will display in a table that lists:

  1. The name of the position is generally the title of the position you are trying to fill such as "Associate Professor..."
  2. The position status describes the current state of the search, such as; Accepting Applications, Under Review, etc.
  3. The type of the position
  4. The application information column lists the number of applications and the dates when a position is open or closed to new application
  5. If you have EEO access, you can click Add to add a note about the EEO status of a position, click View to view added notes

To access the applications for a position, click the position title

The "Filter" button allows you to limit the list according to type, status, or view active or closed positions and sort using the column headers

Users can sort using the column headers

Still don't see the position you are looking for?

  1. Ensure that you've been assigned to the search committee: You may not yet be assigned as a committee member to the position
  2. Check the status of the search: The current status of the search may not allow for Evaluator access