About the Faculty Search Administration Page

From the "Administration" page of Faculty Search, Administrators can control settings for their assigned unit(s), and Committee Managers can control settings and permissions for the positions they manage. The following video explains the settings and options available from the Administration page of Faculty Search. These topics are also covered in the article that follows.


The tabs that appear on the "Administation" page are determined by your level of access in the program. Not all tabs listed below will appear for all users.

To navigate to the Administration page:

1. On the navigation bar select the Administrar option

From your Account Dashboard, click "Manage" and select "Administration"

Always make sure you are viewing settings for the correct unit or position

The name of the unit or position you are viewing is displayed at the top left of the page.

Any changes you make to the settings on the "Administration" page will be applied to the unit or position listed here.  

Click "Change" if you need to view and control settings for a different unit or position.

Overview of the Administration page


From the "Statuses" tab of the Administration page, you can create and manage:

  1. Position Statuses: Labels that describe the current state of the selection process, for example, “Accepting Applications”
  2. Application Statuses: Labels that describe the current state of the applicant in the review process, for example, “Longlist” or “No Further Consideration”

See here for more information on how to create a position status, and how to create an application status.

Set Position Statuses and Application Statuses

Message Templates:

From the "Message Templates" tab you can create and manage message templates to send customized messages to applicants when the status of a position or application changes. You can set the conditions when the message will be sent, and you can edit and confirm messages before sending them.

Set automated applicant notifications and internal communication settings

EEO Statement:

From the "EEO Statement" tab, administrative users can create, edit, and set the EEO statement for positions created in a unit.

See here for more information on managing EEO statements.

Create and and Manage Application Forms:

Application Forms:

From the "Application Forms" tab, Administrators can create application forms to collect information from applicants. Administrators can also create EEO forms and designate forms as default for a unit.

See here for more information on creating application forms, and EEO forms.

Overview of the Administration page


From the "Communications" tab, Administrators can set whether or not reviewers can comment and assign tags to applications. Administrators can require approval for new positions, set who to notify when a position changes, and set the sender name and "reply-to" address for email messages.

See here for more information on requiring approval to post new positions.

Farther down the page....

From the "Logo" tab, administrative users can upload and change the logo that will display on positions created by a unit or set the logo for a particular position.

See here for more information on add a logo to the landing page of a position.

Faculty Search Administrative 'Settings'

As of March 2018, Faculty Search clients have access to a public positions list. This is a public URL that can be distributed and displays all positions for a given institution.